Jewish Revolt & Exile

Tour Israel: Jewish Revolt Against the Romans

During Jesus' lifetime Israel was ruled by King Herod. This Jewish convert, appointed by Ceasur Augastus in Rome saw himself as the king of Jews. Even today, the complexes he built stand in silent testament to one of the most trying eras of Jewish history.


Herod built a Great temple for Rome's Jewish (of the kingdom of Judda) subjects and they adored him for it. Little did they know that things are about to change.

Herod, hunted by paranoia becomes certain that the Jews are plotting to kill him and end his rule. He begins to persecute them. When he desecrates the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, of which now only the western wall still stands, the Jews are angered and they revolt.


Roman Legends are dispatched and used as a heavy hand  to obliderate the Jewish uprising. With the temple destroyed, after the fall of Mesada, the last Jewish stronghold, and a few more speradic revolts, most Jews believe it is their time to go.

The Romans renamed Judea as Palaestina to obliterate Jewish identification with the Land of Israel. Nevertheless the Jewish yearning for the Promised Land held fast through the generations and in Exile their Philosophy and Religion influenced other cultures in Europe and the Arab World.      


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