Current Conflict

Its 1967 tensions run high in the Middle East. Citizens dig ditches and fill sand bags. The days are hot and so is the rhetoric of the regional powers.


Egyptian ground forces are preparing for war as their navy blocks the Suez Canal. Israel views this as a declaration of war. The Israeli Defense Force launches a strike and war breaks.

All of the neighboring Arab countries backed by Russia join the war, but Israel has the element of surprise to its advantage and is gaining ground. It takes only 6 days and an agreement to cease fire is achieved.



When the dust settles, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are conquered by Israel.

For the Jewish people the holiest and most important of their heritage sites had been returned to their rightful ownership.

The Arab countries see the Jewish state as just another occupying imperialist force that will one day "with the help of Allah" be defeated.

A new Palestinian Identity is born in the territories and in refugee camps around the Arab world.

Palestinians now have a national ambition and feel robbed of their right to self-determination. They will fight with all means to drive out the occupying force.

Today, decades and a few wars later these two national identities still collide with great emotional fervor and daily violence.



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