Christian Roots

In Nazareth, while Jews awaited the messiah that would save them from their roman conquerors, a boy was born in a barn, son to a carpenter. His name was Jesus.


At that time, John the Baptist, believing that salvation was at hand, encouraged people to turn from their sins and be baptized with water, to be purified for the Kingdom of Heaven.

When Jesus went to be baptized, John recognized him as the Christ (messiah) that would bring salvation.
Around the Sea of Galilee, Jesus began teaching, healing, and performing miracles. His reputation spread widely, and people began to flock to him. The religious rulers were not pleased with this new messianic branch of Judaism.

Meanwhile, the crowds of Jerusalem were planning to make Jesus their king. They paraded Jesus into Jerusalem on a colt, spreading clothing and palm branches on the ground in front of him, paying him honor.

Jesus was arrested and charged by the chief priest and elders with insurrection, which is punishable by death. He was crucified on a cross. Above his head hung the inscription "Here is Jesus, King of the Jews".
The followers of Jesus believed he was Resurrected and that he had died as he had lived; for the benefit and salvation of mankind.

When Paul brought Christianity to Europe it became a small persecuted minority. It would take almost 400 years before it grew to become the official religion of the Roman Empire and find its way back to the Holy Land.


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