Ancient Israel

Educational Travel: A guided tour of Israel's history

Among the empires of the ancient world nomadic tribes found their home in a land they called Canaan. These new settlers managed to prosper through trade with their neighbors. In our tour of Israel we will visit the villages of this lost civilization and discover their
daily lives.


As we will see, traveling through layers of ancient ruins, the success of the Canaanites attracted the conquering attentions of one empire after another: from the ancient Egyptians, through the Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians to the ancient Greeks, and Romans.

But it would be a small tribe, which renounced the old deities for an All-powerful God, that would outlive them all and set the stage for two millenniums of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths.

Go on our educational tours to explore the traditions that still connect this ancient people with the citizens of Israel and what immense influence they had on the modern world.





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