A State of War

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The sun set on the British rule of the Holy land. The dawn held a promise of a new beginning for Arab Palestinians and Jews.


In 1948 a UN resolution set a border, allocating parts of the territory to a future Jewish State, and the remaining parts to Palestinian Control.

With the fulfillment of their national ambitions at hand, Jewish leaders immediately declared the establishment of a democratic Jewish state.

Arab leaders where not as pleased with the resolution, seeing the Jewish State as yet another national occupying force in Muslim lands just like the British and Turks before them.

A war broke out, and when the dust settled, Arabs had fled from their homes to Arab controlled areas and Israel, now a nation amongst nations had been established on a territory slightly larger than its originally allocated borders.

When the war ended it left in its wake the first generation of Palestinian refugees, a controversial border and an under-current of animosity.

This war set the stage for aggressive conflicts and bloody wars yet to come.



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