Israel and Judah

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In a bustling city of the Sumerian Empire citizens were preying to an assortment of statues representing their many deities. In their midst was Abraham who heard the voice of God.


God told Abraham to go to Canaan (now Israel) and promised the land to his offspring. Abraham began his journey and with him Monotheism took its first steps. 

The Israelites, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (also known as Israel), found themselves shackled in slavery and persecuted under Egyptian rule on the banks of the Nile.

Lead by Moses the people traveled back to the Promised Land.

In a dramatic spectacle at Mt. Sinai Moses revealed the sacred Bible and the Ten Commandments. Now the Israelites were united by faith and national ambition. They began their years of conquest.

After conquering the Holy Land the next challenge was uniting it. Young king David was up to the challenge. He named Jerusalem the capital of the Kingdom.

David's reign and that of his son King Solomon, was a golden period of trade, and saw the construction of the sacred Temple in Jerusalem.

After Solomon's rule the kingdom split into two - Judah and Israel. Divided, the land was easy pickings for the Assyrian and Babylonian empires.

During this time of political turmoil revolts broke out time and again until the Babylonians dispersed the population and forbade their return. The Jews believed they were being punished for their infighting.

After Persian forces subdued the Babylonian empire the Jews were atlast allowed to return. They had learned the importance of unity and tradition. Unbeknown to them a young Greek king had set his sights on the Land. Jewish solidarity and faith would be tested yet again.


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