Israel's History

Layer upon layer of history are embedded in the soil of Israel.

Each layer is a time capsule left by people and cultures lost in the sands of time.

Moreover, Israel is the place where written history began, and so we can look back at a story that spans thousands of years.

We can “hear” the voices of the ancient Canaanites through the writing they etched on the walls of their homes. We will find the homes and graves of the great founders and patriarchs of Christianity and Judaism and walk in their footsteps through ancient and modern cities.

We will observe the battlefields of Crusaders and Jihadists and marvel at the greenery of centuries old Jewish settlements.

And as we travel through the sites and learn the story of this Land the echoes of history resonate through to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ancient Israel

Educational Travel: A guided tour of Israel's history

Among the empires of the ancient world nomadic tribes found their home in a land they called Canaan. These new settlers managed to prosper through trade with their neighbors. In our tour of Israel we will visit the villages of this lost civilization and discover their
daily lives.

Israel and Judah

Jerusalem Tour Model Temple in Israel Educational Travel

In a bustling city of the Sumerian Empire citizens were preying to an assortment of statues representing their many deities. In their midst was Abraham who heard the voice of God.

Greek Rule

Educational Tours: Alexander the Great Travels to Israel

It is a scene of epic proportions: Alexander the Great at the head of tens of thousands of soldiers facing off against a much greater army amassed by the Persians.

Christian Roots

In Nazareth, while Jews awaited the messiah that would save them from their roman conquerors, a boy was born in a barn, son to a carpenter. His name was Jesus.

Jewish Revolt & Exile

Tour Israel: Jewish Revolt Against the Romans

During Jesus' lifetime Israel was ruled by King Herod. This Jewish convert, appointed by Ceasur Augastus in Rome saw himself as the king of Jews. Even today, the complexes he built stand in silent testament to one of the most trying eras of Jewish history.

The Story of Islam

Educational Travel: Islam Tour of Israel

Around A.D. 610, and approximately 800 miles from Israel, one man’s mystical experience in the Arabian Desert was about to change Israel and the world.



While Roman Emperors allowed the spread of Christianity throughout the empire, and the Muslim world grew in strength through the Arab conquests, the stage was set for a Holy War.

Jerusalem was conquered by the Caliphates, and Mongolian Muslims brought Islam to the gates of Europe. With the blessings of the Pope, Crusaders ventured to the Holy Land in the hope of reconquering Jerusalem.

It was a clash of cultures and spiritual zeal, bringing Israel to the forefront during centuries of bloody religious conflicts and battles.

The relics of the religious war era can be found everywhere in Israel and you can see them during our educational tour. But antique weaponry, fortresses and monuments are not all that survived from those troubled times.

The rivalry and animosity spawned by this period would form the grounding and basis for future conflicts.

Zionist Movement

At the turn of the 19th Century waves of Jews began to arrive in Palestine. and those who were already here were reassesing their place under the Ottuman Empire.

A State of War

Educational Travel :Tour State of Israel

The sun set on the British rule of the Holy land. The dawn held a promise of a new beginning for Arab Palestinians and Jews.

Current Conflict

Its 1967 tensions run high in the Middle East. Citizens dig ditches and fill sand bags. The days are hot and so is the rhetoric of the regional powers.

Israel Today

Today Israel is a divided land where religion, politics, emotion and ethnicity all find their way into vibrant debate.



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