We wish to thank all the clients that allowed us to use their testimonials on the Identity Travel websites.

"We really appreciate your choice concerning the guide and bus driver – they really made a lasting impression on us. Thank you for everything."

Llyod Hurst


"Everything was well organized. Very flexible if changes needed to be done. Very efficient. Your approach and workshops felt very personal and friendly. Definitely recommended!"

Kjell Kristian Haga 


"An amazing trip that made me love the people and the land of Israel. May G-d bless this country and bring peace and rest to his chosen ones. A special thanks to our exceptional tour guide and to our friendly bus driver."


"The 11 day experience in Israel arranged by Identity Travel gave me a better perspective of the country and its people. We not only gained an understanding of the history, the Bible, Christianity, but also the soul of Israeli people. The price is very reasonable! Our trip was also enriched by our guide and bus driver which were carefully chosen by Identity Travel. This is a very apparent example of their competency. This trip could not be any better ! Thank you very much !"

Reggie Tamesis (Tour Leader)

"Overall service exceeded my expectations. I gained useful insights of the Israeli status it was a real eye opener."

Charity Paniamogan

" A big thanks to the whole team ! this trip indeed had a very big impact on each of us. You have selected the best program with the best people a group ever had! "

Diane Grace Zapata

"This trip helped me to have a better comprehension of both the Old and New Testament. May the Lord G-d help us to know him better &  grow in the knowledge of his grace. Feel free to mail me & keep in touch."

Ebi Radhakrishnan

"The tour was well organized. We saw many biblical sites without being in crowded tourist areas. The guide and driver were "The Best". The guide saw to our needs and made changes to adopt the program for our group…His knowledge is enormous and he is very funny and nice. The bus driver's energetic and warm personality was contagious. Thank you very much Identity Travel. When I come back to Israel it must be with them."


"A set of factors made this trip excellent: From the quality of our guide and bus driver through the discussions with local people to the group I traveled with. Identity Travel did very well by planning and being flexible. A life-changing experience !"

Michel Diemer

"Identity Travel linked us with a superb guide. The administrative service we got from this recently launched travel company was consistently warm, responsive to our request and eager to give us satisfaction. We received far far more than we expected! Bravo!"

Pastor Tim Heijermans

"We know you all put a lot of work behind the scenes and we greatly appreciate that. The tour guide and bus driver made our time here 100% positive they went out of their way to accommodate us with sites, physical activities, swimming etc."

Katharine  H.

"I really enjoyed our trips here in Israel. It was awesome to see all places and cities mentioned in the Bible. Reading them in stories and being there makes them come alive. I really enjoyed the local restaraunts in Bethlehem."


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