Perhaps one of the strongest elements of Judaism is its capacity to integrate historical truths into its ethos of a Chosen People and their pact with God.

The Bible is perhaps the first ever historical book, and yet after all these years there is still deep controversy on where history ends and poetic licence begins.

This epic tale of the Jews as a people begins, perhaps, at Mount Sinai where they first conceived their national identity and connection with the Holy Land.

One might follow this historical narrative and its ramifications through the Jewish conquests, travel to exile, the birth of the Zionist movement and up until the policies of the current Israeli government.

However, to truly understand this narrative it is vital to see the history from other perspectives and identify the influences that have shaped it.

This important aspect of our past and identity is often overlooked by tour groups who focus on promoting the Jewish-Zionist Ethos.

Our Jewish Group Tour educational travel deal allows Jewish people to trace the origins of their belief structure in Israel, and identify and embrace a wider more inclusive version of their epic tale.



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