Culinary Tour

Think Milk and Honey is a  9 day tour of Israel's  world heritage sites, restaurants, wineries, cheese and chocolate factories unique agricultural communities and other gastronomic delights.

Israel's diverse population makes its cuisine unique and its recent culinary growth makes it an enticing destination for the palate sensitive tourist. Both Gourmet and Ethnic restaurants have sprung up across the country. Israel's groves produce some of the world's best citrus fruits. Israel boutique wine industry has blossomed from two boutique wineries in 1989 to over two hundred today.

Booking has begun for the first tour of the season which will set out on February 12th,  2012 and the tour is already nearly full. Ensuing tours will embark on March18th, 2012 and August 2nd, 2012.

"Israel diverse flavors awaken the taste buds of its visitors; its many cultures have brought with them a rich culinary tradition.Through the culinary travel experience we hope our participants will gain a better understanding of Israel's heritage and contemporary culture.

During the course of the tour, participants will have the opportunity to engage in various food making activities olive pressing, chocolate making, fruit picking, wine tasting and ethnic cooking and will taste their hand made products.

 The days are themed in relevance to the history of the region and its local produce/ Daily topics include: "Cheese, Wine and Bible", "Crusaders Kabbalah and other Vegetables", "Sweet Taste of the Golan" and "Desert Growth".

 All sections of this tour are Kosher and include an optional day of rest on Saturday, an attractive feature for the observant Jewish audience.

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