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Global Travel: Peace Talks

on the road peace talks

Travel Agent Central: Christian Tour

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"The 8-day guided tour explores the most up-to-date information from recent archaeological finds and historical research, while visiting all the major Christian sites."

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"The Site-packed 8-day itinerary of the tour is aimed to provide a complete portrait of Jesus in literature and life."

Travel Weekly New tour delves into Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Yahoo Finance: Identity Travel Launches "Into the Heart of Conflict" an Educational Tour of Israel

Fox: pionnering Tour operator

"Identity, a pioneering cross-cultural educational Israeli-based tour operator has launched a new educational tour"

CNBC Travel "The travel experience is enriched by learning and by exploring an array of different views on Israel's history in light of current controversies."
WOW travel to Israel on Conflict Tour

"Wow. An Israel tour that, rather than ignoring or glossing over the modern conflict, is actually devoted to it"

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